I worked in higher education for eleven years, and earned a PhD in Spanish and Portuguese from Tulane University in 2020. My training as an academic, along with my experience in the classroom, have equipped me to be an excellent problem solver —a skill I employ to assess and determine the abilities and knowledge learners need to improve performance and feel confident. 

For fun: I'm passionate about language and culture and these interests led me to travel and live in Chile, Mexico, and Brazil. I'm fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and speak advanced French. My personal and professional experiences interacting with diverse people and communities allow me to make learning experiences that consider individual's unique backgrounds and learning styles. Additionally, I participate in self-supported bikepack racing, and advocate for making cycling a more inclusive sport.

What I'm passionate about

Getting to know my audience and facing problems from a human-centered approach is something I love to do. Providing customizable help for clients, watching learners grow, and seeing them accomplish their goals brings me tremendous joy. 

What I'm good at 

What I contribute